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Hello, my name is Gail Ventic.
This blog is personal and therapeutic. A mix of travel and creative writing.
About the Writer
My name is Gail. I am in constant transit to different parts of the world soaking in the sun and appreciating diversity. I am a 20 something Filipina blogger who has been blogging for a decade now. Road trips, plane rides, jet lags, time zones and solo tours are my thing. Get to know Gail

Travel Blogs

Mahalo, Hawaii!

If there are factors I consider for a place to be favorable, that is if it’s tropical; If the people are friendly and hospitable; And if the culture is rich. The beach, on the other hand, is just an icing to a cake. This is my first time travelling to Hawaii. And I never knewRead More

Snow Ski at -8 degrees C

There is something astounding when it comes to snowflakes. Growing up in a tropical country like the Philippines, snow and winter is as foreign to me as unicorns. I am amused of how intricate snowflakes look, and how picturesque snow is. Winter in all it’s glory is beautiful. The feels, on the other hand, isRead More

The Fastest Roller Coaster in the World

Speed and thrill is what I expect coming to Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi. I wasn’t much of a fan of Ferrari itself, but I am a huge fan of themed parks. Being an adrenaline junky myself, I could not hide my excitement as I experience the world’s fastest roller coaster ever. We were linedRead More

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Events, Media and Press

Preview Ball 2017 #PreviewBestDressed

How Preview are you? The question asked to us by Preview – and so as the theme of this year’s Preview Ball. All the brightest stars from the fashion industry; designers, models, artists, influencers and fashion enthusiast alike came in the most unique way possible. Showcasing their own definition of being a Preview Girl/Preview ManRead More

Once a Binibini, Always a Binibini

I always try to keep my values intact, my mindset in good vibes and my determination at its peak. To be honest, being a Binibini has thought me so many things. Namely, I learned how to draw on my brows. I learned how to curl my hair. And I even learned how to fake myRead More

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