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Hello, my name is Gail Ventic.
This blog is personal and therapeutic. Enjoy reading my soul, if you must.
About the Writer
My name is Gail. I am a 20 something Filipino blogger who considers travel my blogging niche. I am an unconventional tourist. Going to and from different countries – not merely to take photos; but to learn their culture and live it. Get to know Gail

Recent Posts

Living Locally in Ontario, Canada

I have been in and out of Canada for months now, experiencing summer, spring and winter all together. During those times, my main aim was to take as much photos and to visit as much places as possible. Touristy as I may, I wanted to see as much as I can. And thus making meRead More

The Great Ocean Road

Four seasons in a day. That concept seems absurd, not until I’ve been to Australia. The great down under definitely is known to have opposite summer and winter, but also is on top when it comes to weather unpredictability. I was expecting Spring. Shorts shorts, tank tops and denim overalls were the only things IRead More

I Wore a Hanbok in Korea

I feel like Korea has a special place in my wanderlust heart. Long before my first solo tour in Incheon, I already am indulged in any taste Korean. Samgyupsal, Bone Soup, Korean Barbeque, Jotujang and even Melona to name a few. I can eat Korean food for weeks and still crave for it afterwards. GyeongbokRead More

Paint the Town Red #TheNewPreview

I thought I’d always go with Pink. I mean, it has been included in my color palette for everything and mostly everywhere. Some of my go-to pieces include pink pumps, pink purse, pink everything. That little black dress everyone is obsess with can be seen zero to never in my closet. It makes me lookRead More