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Hello, my name is Gail Ventic.
This blog is personal and therapeutic. Enjoy reading my soul, if you must.
About the Writer
Hello! My name is Gail Ventic and I fly for a living. I have been in constant transit for 2 years now, traveling from one country to the next. This is my travel blog wherein I document the world and my views of the world. Let's be friends? Get to know Gail

Recent Posts

The Land of the Crazy Rich

I have been wanting to visit Singapore for months now. With 2 cancelled flights and missed opportunity, traveling there at the peak of heat wasn’t planned. Nor ideal. It was the 32 degrees C heat that limits us from exploring this urban jungle a little bit more than the usual tourist destination. But it isRead More

Universal Studios Hollywood

I have always been a huge fan of themed parks. Experiencing the extremes is what I seek, and I do so all the time in thrilled-engulfed rides. It was my first timeĀ inĀ Universal Studios, and with a reputation as grand as theirs, my expectations were above and beyond. The whole park was surprisingly small. With longRead More

Traveling Solo to Bali, Indonesia

There has been a huge debate whether or not it is safe for a female to travel solo. I have always been on the opposing end, even years before I decided I wanna travel the world full-time. Yes, there are dangers out there, prying on the weak and the foreign. I experienced it first handRead More

Living Locally in Ontario, Canada

I have been in and out of Canada for months now, experiencing summer, spring and winter all together. During those times, my main aim was to take as much photos and to visit as much places as possible. Touristy as I may, I wanted to see as much as I can. And thus making meRead More