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Hello, my name is Gail Ventic.
This blog is both personal and therapeutic. Enjoy reading my soul, if you must.
About the Writer
My name is Gail. I am a 20 something Filipina blogger who travels the world full time. I am in constant transit to different parts of Asia, Oceania, North America, Middle East and Europe for almost 2 years now. Doing so made me appreciate cultures and tolerate differences. Get to know Gail



In the midst of a wide scenery of desert and mixed culture of Arabian nights, do I find myself dancing in the moonlight. I must say, that I am fond of dancing. And being able to do so in Abu Dhabi definitely is worth the experience. From the sand dunes that roughly sway our bodyRead More


Whenever I savour on the goodness of Thai food, I can’t help but gasp in satisfaction. Which, if you’re a typical filipino who loves all things salty and spicy, you’d completely agree with me on that note. I booked a flight for me and my parental to Bangkok mainly to taste legit Thai food inRead More

Las Vegas

In a city as sinful as it was perceived to be, I am amused of how pleasant my experience was in Sin City. Pleasant, actually is an understatement. Now I fuly understand the difference between the Vegas Strip and in any other strip there is in the world. One struggle there is would be lookingRead More


When my best friend since 3rd grade asked me if I wanted to watch a concert with her, I couldn’t say no. I have never been to a real concert, never seen Chainsmokers in person and never experienced going inside a wild stadium abroad. It’s an experience worth sharing with her, and definitely is oneRead More

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Preview Ball

How Preview are you? The question asked to us by Preview – and so as the theme of this year’s Preview Ball. All the brightest stars from the fashion industry; designers, models, artists, influencers and fashion enthusiast alike came in the most unique way possible. Showcasing their own definition of being a Preview Girl/Preview ManRead More

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