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Hello, my name is Gail Ventic.
This blog is personal and therapeutic. Enjoy reading my soul, if you must.
About the Writer
Being poetic is a common nature instilled in me ever since. It could have been the books I read or the plays I watch; or probably the unconventional places I used to go. I see the world differently. I see its' colours bloom from far flung places and hidden gems. And I write about them in this blog. Get to know Gail

Recent Posts

Skydive Dubai at 13,000 ft.

When I say I have a thing for rides and extremes, I mean it. Skydiving has always been on top of my list, dreaming of one day I get the chance to jump off a plane and experience free fall. The adrenaline junky inside me insist in doing so, regardless of all the little mishapsRead More

Siargao Island, Beyond the Surfs

I have an unspoken love with my home country. The beaches, the islands, the people and the food. I find myself guilty for not exploring the Philippines as much as I should. And being home for about a month, I figured to give Siargao a go. The humble abode of the locals makes me appreciateRead More

The Land of the Crazy Rich

I have been wanting to visit Singapore for months now. With 2 cancelled flights and missed opportunity, traveling there at the peak of heat wasn’t planned. Nor ideal. It was the 32 degrees C heat that limits us from exploring this urban jungle a little bit more than the usual tourist destination. But it isRead More

Universal Studios Hollywood

I have always been a huge fan of themed parks. Experiencing the extremes is what I seek, and I do so all the time in thrilled-engulfed rides. It was my first timeĀ inĀ Universal Studios, and with a reputation as grand as theirs, my expectations were above and beyond. The whole park was surprisingly small. With longRead More