Marina Bay Beach, Dubai

Marina Bay Beach, Dubai

Finally was able to come back to my 2nd most favorite country in the world (next to Australia), which is Dubai! The Architecture of the whole city is superb, with the likings of the future. There are also many filipinos around the area so you won’t really feel alienated by the Emirati. 

The first time I went to Dubai, me and my friend Kashmer, went to Desert Safari to ride through sand dunes and tick off one my by bucket list; which is to ride a camel. This time, we went to Marina Bay Beach to catch up and eat Arabian foods. Since it’s approaching summer, the temperature rose up to 39 degrees celsius! Good thing we weren’t required to wear Abayas in this city – that would feel a whole lot worst! 

We ate at a place called Tike for lunch. The restaurant is facing sea side, with solely Filipinos as their servers. I jokingly asked for an extra rice, and the Pinoy waiter gave it to me with a wink and said “Maam wag nalang kayo maingay, lagay nyo na agad sa plato nyo.” Lol. I didn’t like Lamb Chops the first time I went here so we opted for beef, plus bread and Humus. Humus is a paste made specially by Arabs. It’s a good appetizer. And I really love it! Eating Humus makes me feel that I’m really immersing myself in Arabic Culture. 

Eating Humus makes me feel that I’m really immersing myself in Arabic Culture. 

Also, we brought our own bottled water; mine from the hotel. Water is gold here in the Middle East. I learned it the hard way when I called the waiter before in a fancy restaurant in Dubai and asked for water, thinking I was gonna be given a service one. My friends then laughed at me and said, “Mahal tubig dito Gail!” Haha. True enough, one liter of water costs around 16 Dirhams which is equivalent to 4.5 US Dollars! 

In conclusion, Dubai still is one of those few countries I’d love to go to and from once in a while! I do not mind the heat, for I am a lady who hates winter. I do not mind the subtle rule of not being able to wear flashy clothes nor heavily revealing one despite the almost 40 degrees temperature. Neither do I mind the occasional encounter with boastful Emirati who thinks they own you because well, you’re in their land. Still, Dubai is amazing! It has a special place in my heart – and it still has loads of great things and insteresting places to discover that I would soon uncover. 

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