Hanging Garden in the Metro? Why not!

Hanging Garden in the Metro? Why not!

Today was a spontaneous getaway with my good friends from work. We all decided to take a quick break and relax ourselves in a place called Luljetta Hanging Gardens and Spa! It’s a hidden gem just few hours away from the metro.

The place was surprisingly reachable by Uber. Even our uber driver was shocked when he saw our pin all the way from Ortigas to Antipolo. Lol. Anyway, Luljetta offers a day tour package which includes spa, overlooking infinity pools, Jacuzzi and a steaming Sauna. It costs around 1,150 php (each) all in all excluding the food. Not bad for the serene view and relaxing ambiance.

2-luljettas-propertyasiaphThe place was not crowded since we went there on a weekday. It’s perfect if you want to run away from the fast paced life in the city. We were given colorful ‘Sarongs’ that of which we wore around the place. So much for a Hawaiian Vibe!

My favorite activity from Luljetta would be the Fish Spa. It was definitely ticklish, but it was really fun. The school of fish attacks your calluses like there’s no tomorrow, and yep, me and friends were really laughing so hard like there’s no tomorrow. Lol!

My rating? 4 out of 5 Stars. The place is perfect for a romantic date with a loved one or a fun filled bonding with your barkada. 🙂

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