I’d always thought of London as a place for romance. There’s something about it’s wind that makes you want to fall in love. It’s culture, it’s people and it’s view. Every corner of Central London makes me want to stop and savor the moment. And this time around, the weather was perfect. The people were lively. Street performers were everywhere. And I toured with my closest friends from work.

Amongst the different train system that I`ve tried from different countries that I’ve been to – it is the Tube System that I totally rue. Not that it’s any worse than the MRT in Metro Manila, but because it’s way underground that I tend to become claustrophobic everytime I take it. Public transportation isn’t as easy as I imagined – but it does the job. I actually got sick the first time I went here during the winter; imagine a negative degree kind of weather outside and then you’ll take the underground tube system which lacks proper ventilation. It was the worst train ride ever! You know, me vomiting all over the place in a foreign land wasn’t the best way to leave my foot print on this beautiful country. But meh.

Our first stop today was at the Buckingham Palace. It is well known as the home for the Royalties – where the King and the Queen of England resides. It was very unfortunate that there was no Changing of the Guards when we went there though. And as we walked around the Palace and to St. James Park, we noticed that everyone from the British People to the Horses itself were gigantic! Well, compared to us Asians, that is.

This iconic phone booth overlooking Big Ben is a must stop. I learned that the Big Ben wasn’t originally named as so – but rather as The Great Bell of the clock at the north end of the Palace of Westminster. (Whew that was a mouthful). Anyway, we walked our way around the Tower Bridge – which was surprisingly prettier than the ‘London Bridge’ – then we went to see the London Eye which was around Westminster as well. I’ve seen these places before the first time I went here – but I don’t mind having my feet crooked and my legs swollen one more time just so I could tour my friends. 😉

As we starved our way to Borrough, we decided to eat Raclette while we were in a hunt for heavy starch (oh btw – we couldn’t find rice anywhere – so I was starving the whole time; you know, potatoes and a sandwhich ain’t enough for my Asian appetite huhu). The Raclette was as good as what I eat back in my hometown – but the way the merchant scraped the good old cheese looks like it was legitly british. Which it totally was.

All in all, the long walk around Central London was really tiring. So make sure to wear the most comfortable shoes you’ve got – and try to look fashionably cute while you’re at it. 😉

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