Ramadan Kareem in Kuwait

Ramadan Kareem in Kuwait

It’s June 6, 2017 when we arrived here at Kuwait. It was very sunny, blazing hot as it feels like it – ranging from 40 to 45 degrees celsius. During lunch time, the streets were deserted with people. No music could be heard even from the lobby of our hotel. And not even one restaurant is open for dining. We were advised not to wear shorts, nor tank tops despite the heat. And it’s a big no no to drink water nor eat even just a piece of candy in public or else we would be fined; or even stoned to death.

What a great way to spend my birthday, I told myself. Me and friends were not aware that it’s Ramadan when we decided to take this flight to Kuwait. We even brought cute outfits to match our touristy itinerary, but we were forced to wear a shirt and a pants instead. Well, if it wasn’t for Ramadan, Kuwait would be more lenient to its locals. And if it wasn’t for Ramadan, Kuwait would be alive even before 6 pm.

Ramadan happens every ninth month of Islamic Calendar. It’s a whole month of fasting, as observed by the Muslims – in commemoration of the first revelation of Quran to Mohammed. As a Christian, I find Ramadan very amusing. The level of dedication and perseverance every believer has is amazing; and I have to commend them for their strict compliance.

We went to Kuwait Towers on our first night so that we can witness the lights (because it looks better as per the locals) and so that the weather would be more tolerable as well. The Kuwait Towers were surprisingly just towers which serves as their reservoir for water. Nothing much to tell, but it was a very famous land mark here.

It was a great way to spend my birthday with my friends alongside with submerging myself in a different culture – far from my way of upbringing. So, cheers to me being 22. And to many more travel adventures to come! 😉

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