3rd time’s the charm, so as they say. And falling in love with a country takes just that. London, more than anywhere else in the world, definitely takes my breath away. From it being the least favorite, to my number one on the list.

Windsor Castle, Berkshire

Our first stop was at the majesty’s gates. We were welcomed by these swarm of swans and we welcomed them back with a treat. It was nice getting up close and personal with the Queen’s pets. Lol.

We took the liberty to walk around the castle and enjoy it’s serene view. The place was huge! It is said to be the oldest and the largest castle in the world that is still inhabited by monarchy. And is Her Majesty The Queen’s official residence. We weren’t able to go inside the castle though, but roaming around the place already feels royal. Me and my friends even planned out our OOTDs well coordinated with each other. They asked me to wear a leather jacket and a denim ripped jeans. This is how I came up to be. Still girly. Lol.

Salisbury Cathedral

We drove for an hour and a half from Windsor to Salisbury Castle. We arrived there at lunch time, and Mang Ver (our driver) brought Pork Adobo – my favorite pinoy dish – for us to feast! It was a perfect way to reflect and appreciate the beauty of the place while picnicking with my closest friends from work.

Salisbury Cathedral is a great example of early english architecture, being built in year 1220. It is the home of 1 out of 4 Magna Carta in the world, which were written up by King John to appease the Rebel Factions in 1215. But to no avail. Being there was like stepping into history. And being able to see one of the original Magna Carta written in history, makes me understand the urgency of which it was written – and the importance it played during those times.


Probably the highlight of this tour was the iconic Stonehenge. We had to wait in a long queue when we arrived there, with tourists flocking the scene like birds nonstop.

There were different theories as to how the Stonehenge came to be. Some believed the supernatural and says it’s from the extraterrestrial territory. Some believed that Stone Age is a little bit more advanced that we thought it could be, with pulleys lifting giant stones and Neolithic people with capacity to do so. Some believed it was a place of worship. Some say it’s a place for healing, with evidence of stone vibrations’ responsibility. Some say it’s a meteorite or bits of comet that crashed at the Earth’s crust. Well, I say it’s definitely deserving to be part of the 7 Wonders of the World, no matter its history.

I mean, look at that view. Look at it!

The Roman Bath

Last on our itinerary today was the Roman Bath. It is by far the best Museum I’ve ever tried, with walkie-talkies guiding us around the place. We were instructed to press a number while looking at different artifacts there – and a roman guy would then tell us a little story. Sometimes a role play. Sometimes a reenactment. The experience was one for the books, and walking around the Roman Bath makes me feel like I’m actually walking with the Romans.

So yes, if falling in love is an overstatement. Then so be it. ❤️??

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  1. Hi Gail just want to say your shots are great and your Blogs too, you give life and you made it more interesting to a place you been through. God Bless and more places see on your post, I can say you can make Byahe ni Gail a female version of Byahe Ni Drew hehe. Have a Great adventures and travel ahead ……

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