“Why do you call The Golden Gate Bridge as such? Is it made out of Gold?” I asked my friend during our flight to San Francisco, California.

“Well because it’s a gate with a golden bridge!” She jokingly answered.

“No maybe it’s actually a bridge with a golden gate.” I bluffed.

“Or it’s a gold with a gate and a bridge!”

We both exclaimed.

But neither one of us is sure about anything. Because neither one of us actually knows. And neither one of us makes sense. Lol

I survived a 14 degree C weather wearing just this. Few months back I won’t even dare going out without thermals if it’s less then 20 degree C. Well, I still won’t if we were commuting or riding a train – good thing we were not.

We rented a car from Enterprise Car Rental which cost us around 113 USD including insurances. It was the first time I drove in America, which basically have the same rules in the Philippines. The driver’s on the left. The gears on the right. Nothing special except that a 100 km/hr speed is considered slow on their freeway.

Me and my friends spent the whole afternoon at Pier 39. We ate Clam Chowder, fought zombies in 7D, danced our way out inside a mirror maze and crawled out of a laser filled room. It was as if we went back to our childhood – playing and laughing hardly as we finish every level.

The whole place is a feast in the eye! With street performers doing tricks and crowd from different races applauded. It may be chilly, but Pier 39 is warm with fun filled activities! Definitely a “barkada” zone! ?< img src=”http://www.gailventic.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/91bb865f-1d34-4a86-b2bc-28753ed2d98b.jpg”>< img src=”http://www.gailventic.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/79f4c15e-1d1d-4340-8374-49ffc9d6c459.jpg”><

nd of course before this tour ends, I had to know why the Golden Gate Bridge is called as such. Curious as I may, I learned that it actually stretches above the Golden Gate Strait. It’s a narrow 300 foot deep water below the bridge that links San Francisco Bay to the Pacific Ocean. So yes, neither one of us got the correct answer right. Bluffing or bluffed.

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