“The mind is everything. What you think you become.” And I quote from Buddha.

Today I walked with Buddha. Learning his teachings and his story reminded me to halt my pace and look deeper from within. We went to Ngong Ping 360 at Lantau Island merely to do touristy things at Hong Kong – and see the Giant Buddha ourselves. But the trip turned out to be an eye opener for us, and a life changer for me.

The Cable Car System going to Lantau Island is fairly easy to locate from the airport. It costs us around 255 hong kong dollars all in all for the the trip to and from Lantau Island. There is also an inclusion of different activities like shows about the life of Siddarta Gautama, History of Lantau Island and how does local chinese action movies make their sound effects. The latter was a fun experience for they asked me (as I was seated on the first row) to come up the stage and do their sound effects for them. Lol. Like as if I know what I was doing.

There I learned the different teachings of Buddha that is very much relevant in our world today. I may be Christian, but that doesnt mean that Buddhisim is all new to me. For I believe in it. And I even practice it. Take for example these 3 Universal Truths that I live by.

“Nothing is lost in the Universe.”
Raindrops become vapors. Cadavers are scavenge by earth worms. And the earth revolves within a universe of universe. I do believe in reincarnation, yes. Life after death, death after life. All that we have right now is nothing but a mere process of evolution and change. Nothing is lost, and nothing is actually found. For everything has an intertwined thread that connects every life form there is, known or unknown to mankind.

Everything Changes.”
The only permanent thing in the world is change. True. For constancy is a faux of only one lifetime can see. You’d be misguided if you think the world revolves around you. It does not. And forever will it continue to grow and change as the means continue to grow and change as well. Buddha points out that Everything Changes. So as your needs, so as your wants and so as your inner thoughts. Sinners could be Saints. Losers could be winners. And so on. So why fret on a thing that wont even last for so long?

“Law of Cause and Effect.”
I do believe in Karma. May it be good or bad. May it be brisk or not. Karma is karma and it will haunt you until it comes. So I live by the phrase of It pays well to be nice. When your boss is tough and you just cant get enough, it pays well to be nice. When your day seems rough and you’ve just got enough, it pays well to be nice. For when life is hard and hope seem far, it pays well to be nice. Because it does. Every time.

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