“Everybody in Hollywood loves symbolic gestures!” Don’t they? – Drew Carey

I spent the whole day in Hollywood. It is my second time to come here but this time around, I really allotted a day to explore its streets. What I noticed the most is that how invisible and exposed I feel at the same time. People were roaming around Hollywood in the most casual way possible – with masked men wearing Avengers costume begging you to give them hugs.

It was a fun sight, really. But I was able to witness the dark side of LA too! Cops brawl with men that refuses to follow authority, gangs performing scams in the streets and scary strangers walking up to you hit you up. I was a little scared – but not too scared as to compared to my first time here. There I learned that you have to be brave in order to survive in this city. You have to learn how to speak up, so that you’ll be heard. Because you know, there’s no room for petty chivalry here – that for sure.

I was curious enough to enter Ripley’s Believe it or Not Museum, Guinness Book of World Records and The Wax Museum – all of which costs for 36 USD only! (As opposed to entering just one and paying 22 USD each). It was a great way to kill time and learn a lot of trivia about the world and everything in between, many of which I can’t even remember when I got home. Lol. But some of which I can still recall are as follows:

  1. The tallest man on earth is 8 foot and 11 inches tall.
  2. The shortest, on the other hand, stands only at 21 inches.
  3. 2 headed goat exist, even 2 headed duck. This phenomenon is considered bad luck though.
  4. The most populous city is China. The least would be Vatican.
  5. The Longest Running computer game is Super Mario.
  6. The world’s largest theater is the Philippine Arena!

I spent most of the afternoon reading “Did you know that” which really makes me feel so saturated with knowledge. It’s amazing to learn that the world is as big as we know it – yet it’s still made out of bits and pieces of information that of which is mind opening. So yeah, that’s about it. Hollywood is jam packed with Museums, Retail Stores, Artists wanna-be, Street Performers and of course Tourists (like me)! Believe it or not! 😀

7 thoughts on “Dreaming of Walking on the Hollywood Street?”

  1. Hello Gail!, This is my frist time checking out your blog. Great one! You’ve been travelling around too! I see that you have been to London, it would be nice if we could also get together? I’ll be in Europe in the following month and will be staying there hopefully for long. It would be nice if we could have a trip together too!

  2. Nakakaaliw yung mga fun facts/trivias! I’m not really into those or even history ganyan pero nakakatuwa when you know trivias hehe
    Always take care on your travels/flight sis! And more travels to come yay! 🙂

  3. I live somewhat close to Hollywood! Though, the last time I was there was 5 years ago. The randomness that goes on there is out of this world XD. As long as you’re not walking on Hollywood’s streets at 2am, you’ll be fine XD. The Wax Museum has always been interesting. It’s so cool to learn about these fun facts! Glad to see you having a great time out in Hollywood.


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