When my best friend since 3rd grade asked me if I wanted to watch a concert with her, I couldn’t say no. I have never been to a real concert, never seen Chainsmokers in person and never experienced going inside a wild stadium abroad. It’s an experience worth sharing with her, and definitely is one for the books. We met at the Grounds of Alexandria for lunch alongside with my other friends. The place was so beautiful with flowers from flower shops bloom at its finest during the start of spring. The weather was nice. 15-19 degrees C to be exact. And this is me kinda loving the cold and trying to deal with it like it’s nothing in a leather mini skirt.

What I adore about this place more than the scenery was the food! We ate at The Grounds Coffee and Roastery where in I ordered a Black Rice bowl + chicken topping. It was expensive for a meal. Not just because I don’t spend almost 1,000 php on a solo meal in the Philippines – but because it was really an expensive meal as per my best friend who was born and is currently living here in Sydney. Regardless of the price, it was delicious. And definitely worth the gram!

The gates of the Sydney Showground opened at 5pm and the concert lasted until 11. Fans lined up the hall with excitement as we approached the entrance. What’s funny was that we only paid 165 AUD each for the ticket, which apparently was the cheapest, and yet we were able to squeze ourselves inside the dome and get a good semi front row view of the show! Although we were relatively near the stage, we still had a hard time since we Asians were tiny compared to the Ausies (Well, at least that’s how it feels like for me). People were literally towering us! It was a struggle trying to get a good view. And it was more of a struggle dancing and singing along since the place was jam-packed.

I wasn’t really a huge fan of Chainsmokers. To be honest, the only 2 songs I know of them was “Closer” and “Don’t Let Me Down”. It was really funny though because I never knew Chainsmokers were actually a group of DJs. I thought they were a typical band of some sort. Lol. A week before the concert, I was advised by a friend to start listening to their albums during my free time. Which I did. You know, just so I could sing along on the actual concert. Haha! All in all, it was a first time worth remembering. At least watching a concert already is ticked off from my bucket list. Will I watch a concert again? Maybe not. Not unless I’m actually a huge huge huge huge fan of that someone. Standing for 6 hours straight with people squeezing and bumping me once in a while wasn’t really the type of scene I fancy. But hey, it was a concert. And it was actually what I signed up for. Lol!