When travelling, it’s essential to keep your health at the forefront of your mind. Too often are tourists struck by illness or injury after not taking the right precautions or being mindful of their health, so be sure to avoid running into the same problems.

Here are just a few ways to keep your health on top form whilst travelling.

Watch your diet

It’s crucial to watch your intake when travelling. Too often are tourists tempted by local delicacies to the point where 60% of them gain at least two kilos, as reported by TINZ. Of course, it’s necessary to treat yourself sometimes – just don’t make it a regular occurrence.

Stick to mindful, small meals frequently in the day. Snacks should be healthy and nutritious – fruit or nuts are both great choices – and make water your drink of choice to keep hydrated and refreshed. It’s easy to keep your diet under control when travelling, but it’s up to you to have the will power to do so.

Bring some exercise equipment

Despite the limited amount of space you’ve likely got going in your luggage, there’s some exercise equipment you can bring travelling with you that won’t weigh you down. A skipping rope is one great choice – just 10 minutes of skipping could reap the same benefits as 45 minutes of running, according to the British Rope Skipping Organisation.

Or consider a yoga mat to unwind and destress after perhaps a hectic travel experience. Yoga is a good exercise for both your physical and mental health, improving your core strength whilst putting you into a relaxed state.

Go for a swim

Swimming is a surprisingly effective exercise in improving both your mental and your physical health, a perfect combination for when you’re travelling. Being a strength, resistance and cardio workout, the benefits of swimming are almost endless – you’re trimming body fat, increasing muscle mass and increasing your flexibility.

And as for the mental side of things, the water will allow you to shut off from outside distractions and focus solely on swimming. It’s a good way to distract yourself from the stress of everyday life.

Partake in some activities

Whilst travelling, it makes sense to partake in an activity or two. From hiking to white-water rafting, there are plenty of inventive ways to exert yourself and work your body without dedicating time to strict exercise.

Why not climb a mountain? It sounds like a tough feat to conquer, but when peaks such as Mount Kinabalu in Malaysia can be scaled in just a day, there’s no reason not to try. You’ll be working your body and accomplishing something incredible simultaneously – and when else can you say you climbed a mountain as your daily exercise?

Ensure you’re ready to travel

Before you go anywhere, make sure you liaise with your doctor to ensure you’re ready to go. Prepare with vaccinations if necessary, and ensure you have the right supplies to keep you medically healthy – from sunscreen to antiseptics, thoroughly prepare to ensure you won’t be leaving yourself at risk of infection or illness during your travels.

Written by Liam Austen

5 thoughts on “How to Keep Your Health on Top Form Whilst Travelling”

  1. My work requires a lot of traveling out of me and it’s definitely important to keep your health on top of things! Watching how much you eat and what you eat is so important!! This is where cheat day can go wrong XD. I need to do some skipping rope the next time I am on travel! I usually just do a 30-40 min exercise on the elliptical. Thanks for sharing this important reminder!


  2. These are great tips! When I’m traveling, I get so caught up in the hype of being on vacation that whenever I order out, I don’t always pick the healthiest thing for me, which in turn, makes me sick! Health is definitely something I need to work on whilst traveling! Jumping rope sounds like a good start.


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