Whenever I savour on the goodness of Thai food, I can’t help but gasp in satisfaction. Which, if you’re a typical filipino who loves all things salty and spicy, you’d completely agree with me on that note. I booked a flight for me and my parental to Bangkok mainly to taste legit Thai food in Thailand itself. Which, in fact, is what made me love this place as much as I thought I would.

From the street vendors who flashes a warm smile despite the barrier in language, to the shining sculptures of Buddha which resonates the kind of belief this country has. Everything was timeless and indisputably beautiful. The beauty you see when you actually get the whole feel of the country. From a pivotal point of view of a local, to an awe-struck avid obsession of a tourist. All the best merged in a fun filled day of pointing out differences and discussing diversity.
Suparp, who speaks spectacular English, was a great host to our 3 day trip in Bangkok. He was actually our confidant whenever we get lost in the city, or even in making bargains. And him, being a retired constant traveler himself, understands the need of a typical tourist.

If there is one thing I fancy doing, that would be submerging myself and seeing the world in the eyes of a child. Learning while traveling is an overstatement long forgotten. The infamous way millennials do so would be taking photographs and posting picturesque images on Instagram aiming to garner social appreciation. That for them is learning. That for them is traveling. That for them is hashtag #goals. I, on the other hand, consider myself unconventional.
I have been in constant transit for almost 2 years now. Most of those moments, I travel alone. And in those lone moments do I realized how important are the people you travel with. Being able to experience the world, isn’t a total experience, without sharing it with the people you love. And to whom do I want to share these experiences with the most? My Mom and Dad. That is why I am taking them. Long as we can. Because they undoubtedly deserve to see the world too.

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