In the midst of a wide scenery of desert and mixed culture of Arabian nights, do I find myself dancing in the moonlight. I must say, that I am fond of dancing. And being able to do so in Abu Dhabi definitely is worth the experience. From the sand dunes that roughly sway our body and souls; to the belly dancers who shyly lure us in. It was indeed a night of intoxication from flavoured hookah and free-hand hennas.

Middle East, may it be in the UAE or in any part there is, basically has one thing in common. It’s like walking inside a kind of spectrum different from the rest the world; a phenomenal mix of modern culture and the 18th century. Thereby having it’s common essence known to man kind, or to the brave few who has enough curiosity to take a glimpse.

“The human spirit needs places where nature has not been rearranged by the hand of man.”

Desert Safari has been one of the famous tourist attraction there is in the Middle East. My first time attending such was at Dubai probably a year ago. Abu Dhabi is an hour away from Dubai – which span the same desert, the same views and the same culture. Both of which is an “Open Country”. The kind of openness I think everyone deserves. From the way they dress, to the way men and women mingle with each other. The patriotic respect still is there, but already is tailored fit to the abruptly changing modern society. Which, if it’s not too much to ask, I look forward in seeing to the surrounding parts of the Persian Gulf.

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