My journey to the Middle Earth begins on a 9 hour flight from Manila to Auckland. Which, if I must say – is short compared to the long haul trips I have been taking the past few months. 2 hours drive from the Airport to The Hobbiton Shire, indulging the fact that the rules of the road here in New Zealand are in complete reverse as opposed to my home country. Drivers are on the right, slow lanes are on the left. Needless I say more that driving in New Zealand feels like learning how to drive for the very first time. Doing so while taking a 170 km journey to the Shire. All encompassing my will and determination to try and drive in this foreign country.

The Hobbiton is nothing but a mere movie set producers spent millions on last 2007. Which if you’ve read or watched the trilogy “The Hobbit” or are familiar with the “Lord of the Rings”; it must have been a dream come true coming here. I, on the other-hand, am not a huge fan. Being a book worm myself, I have yet to read the pages of the The Hobbit.

My curiosity rose when I learned that dwarfs are midget living under hills of a Hobbit hole. As per our tourist guide, Bethany, the more windows they have; the wealthier they are; and the more taxes they pay. I wondered so vividly before coming to the set – if I – as an Asian; would fit perfectly through that Hobbit hole. There I learned that there are 2 types of Hobbit Hole ever created. 60% and the 90%. Apparently, camera tricks deceives us from thinking that the Hobbits are short as they should be. And actors are the mere determinant if their height deemed fit to which hole. 60% for actors not tall enough, and 90% for those who are. Giving us an illusion that Hobbits are actually tiny creatures compared to Wizards and Dwarfs.

We were served complimentary drinks inside the Green Dragon. I opted to order the non-alcoholic ginger beer (since I was with my parents lol) which basically is a regular ginger ale. We were also given a chance to dress up in Hobbit costume – giving us the nostalgic feels deemed fit for a fan. Or to the wanna be fan.

3 thoughts on “Middle Earth, Hobbiton”

  1. 11 hours to finally reach The Hobbiton Shire is a long time! Power to you for bearing it all for the gorgeous view. I love how there’s so much greenery around you. That’s a really interesting fact about Hobbits! Hope you had fun :).

  2. OMg that outfit is cute! I can’t even drive properly here in the country, I probably would get into an accident if I attempt to drive there. 😀

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