What is it with Mosque and Churches do I find most enchanting? The Orthodox. A set of belief imposed during the old age; as far as when Mosque and Churches were established; conforming to the approved form of their own conventional doctrine and principles.

As a Christian, I can’t help but be amused of how diverse culture and religion is in different parts of the world. Islam in the Middle East, Buddhism in China and Catholicism in North America. I’d usually go out of the norm and tour religious places; taking a glimpse of their own orthodox. Differences is what makes each interesting, but it is with their similarities do I find them worth studying. It is nothing more than a secret that each has high a being regarded as it’s supreme. Regardless of name, regardless of kind – there’s this one being every devotee looks up to. But why?

Orthodox is not a name you call yourself. Orthodox is a life you live.

Walking inside The Grand Mosque at Abu Dhabi made me feel the kind of peace I felt whenever I go to my Christian Church. I felt the same kind of peace when learned to Walk with Budhha at Hongkong. Same kind of peace that I felt when I read about Krishna and Hinduism during my teenage years. Or even during Simbang Gabi in the Philippines for the Catholics. You see, all these religions are different. And yet why do I consistently feel the same kind of peace on each?

As cliche as it may sound, nor cheesy it may be to some – Peace is what we all seek. That neither religion nor social status can be a guarantee. Not even the self-righteous nor the Bishops could boast have. For Faith runs deep – only to the most faithful devotee.


5 thoughts on “The Orthodox and Those in Between”

  1. The mosque is so incredibly beautiful. Your photos really make me feel the sense of peace you’re referring to. What an incredible experience to have.

  2. It’s always interesting learning about the different beliefs and practices that people follow. The Grand Mosque looks gorgeous and definitely has a different feeling than Christian churches or Buddhist Temples. I agree with you about feeling peace.


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