Speed and thrill is what I expect coming to Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi. I wasn’t much of a fan of Ferrari itself, but I am a huge fan of themed parks. Being an adrenaline junky myself, I could not hide my excitement as I experience the world’s fastest roller coaster ever.

We were lined inside an indoor themed park, with zero knowledge of how the roller coaster looked like. My heart beat fast in anticipation as I wait on my ferrari car seat, with goggles to protect my eyes and empty pockets to prevent anything from falling. As the door opens, a rush of air pushed as with a 240km/hr speed to the loops that looked tiny from a far, but definitely cripples my belly going down.

Ferrari World is an indoor theme park located adjacent to Yas Mall. We paid 295 dirhams if your a tourist (195 if you’re an Emirati) for the entrance. It wasn’t as extreme as I thought it would be. And a whole afternoon would be enough for us to roam around and finish all the exciting rides.

My friends Kashmer and Trevor took the liberty to travel all the way from Dubai to Abu Dhabi just to see me. A 2 hour bus ride from these 2 cities might not be that much to some, but it sure is to me. They let me taste legit Chai Tea and grilled Lamb Chops. Making Arabic food one of my faves – next to Japanese, Filipino and Thai! So yes, cheers to great friends (and adventurous ones at that!).

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