There is something astounding when it comes to snowflakes. Growing up in a tropical country like the Philippines, snow and winter is as foreign to me as unicorns. I am amused of how intricate snowflakes look, and how picturesque snow is. Winter in all it’s glory is beautiful. The feels, on the other hand, is completely that of a different story.

I have always been wanting to tick off Snow Skiing from my long list of bucket list. So I braved the cold and did so in Horseshow Resort, Ontario, Canada at the peak of winter with a couple of good friends. None of us knew how to ski, and booking a group lesson sounded the most sensible thing to do. There we learned how to turn left and right. How to balance with or without a ski stick. How to stop and accelerate. It was fairly easy, minding the fact that we were skiing on slopes meant for begginers.

It was a very liberating moment for me. Wearing 5 layers of thermals, peaking through my furr hood, as I rush down the snow slopes. I was fairly aware I am learning aside 3 year old Canadian kids who probably take ski lessons at this mountain regularly. Some of them could accelerate and manouver themselves way better than me. Some of them is just half the size I am.

“Is it safe?” I asked the guy as he adjusted the size of my ski boots. “Just don’t hit a tree, you’ll be fine.” He said. It wasn’t the answer I was looking for, but it wasn’t enough for me to chicken out as well. I have been wanting to do this for a while now. And nothing could stop me from trying.

I fell roughly around 5 times. Hitting my butt supported by my hand while I do so. My palms turn red and my legs were freezing as I wasn’t wearing the right gears. It was so cold. But the rush of air and the level of adrenaline I have whenever I go down the slopes was amazing! I can’t believe I was able to learn how to snow skii! Do I need more practice? Definitely. But I’ll get the hang of it soon.

3 thoughts on “Snow Ski at -8 degrees C”

  1. I just learned how to ski, too! It was such an awesome feeling skiing down the baby slopes lol. We went skiing on -17 degree weather which sucked (because I felt like I was going to lose some body parts to frostbite even with so many layers of thermals underneath) and I know how you feel skiing with kids who can do better than you. I, unfortunately, even tackled a kid when I couldn’t control my speed huhu

    1. That sounded a whole lot painful! -8 degrees C was barely tolerable for me! It’s so much fun though (if you are wearing the right thermals and gears) lol! What country did you learn how to ski?

  2. Your ski trip looks soo fun! I can’t believe you only fell 5 times. I went snowboarding for my first time as a Valentine’s Day date with my fiancé and I was on my butt for 80% of the day. It was really difficult but a fun and new experience. Definitely liberating like you said. Thanks for sharing your time there!

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