Most liveable city in the world. That’s what Melbourne is in the eyes of many. And to some, who’s perception of liveable is laid back, it is the perfect haven for living and retiring.

But I cannot help and question this notion. Flying to this place, my expectations were far and beyond. Owing to the fact that many of my colleagues consider Melbourne their favourite destination. And relatively how hard it is to get this flight. I knew this city should be special.

To my disbelief, subtle realisation of me disliking this place comes to me unexpectedly. I bid goodbye to the image of clean blocks, modern trams, trash free sidewalks and rule abiding citizens. Instead vandalism was rampant, smoking was countless and homeless people were everywhere. I could be right or wrong. I could be blinded or bias. I could be mislead or misinformed. For my basis of aforementioned only is the expectation in my head that wasn’t met.

Regardless of my disappointment, I still find Brighton Beach with all it’s colourful beach boxes beautiful. I find beaches in general beautiful.

These 82 beach huts of the 1900s are famous for their classic Victorian architectural features. And does remain one of the most photographed remnant of this bygone era. Today Brighton Beach is an iconic destination with tourists flocking the scene (that of which includes me).

The colourful beach boxes adds joy to my once gray perception of this city. Realizing that for every bad side, there’s always a good one. I then relived every conversation I had with an Aussie, and how warm and kind they all seem to be. People were polite. Selfless of saying grace. And has a relatively low crime rate. I then realized, that maybe (just maybe) the concept of a place being the most liveable may not be because of the place itself. But because of the people that live in it.

7 thoughts on “The Most Liveable City in the World”

  1. I haven’t been to Melbourne before but heard lots of great things about it! Love how each of the beach boxes is decorated with specific patterns and colors! Glad you enjoyed your time there 🙂

  2. I hate how disconcerting it is when you go somewhere with high expectations and the reality is.. not necessarily disappointing, but different. At least you still found something about Melbourne to be excited about! 🙂

  3. Those colorful beach huts are so cute! We don’t have those in New England (USA) where I live. I can’t believe there was so much vandalism – enough to hurt your experience. I guess no one ever takes a picture of that aspect of Melbourne!

  4. I haven’t visited Melbourne but had never heard anything but positive things before. Obviously no place is that perfect and magical, so it makes sense there is another, less desirable side. I will definitely think twice about visiting!

  5. That is too bad that your expectations about this city were not met, but I do agree that perhaps it is the people that make a city more livable. Also this beach looks amazing, I would love to see those colorful beach boxes in person someday! Great photos!

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