I thought I’d always go with Pink. I mean, it has been included in my color palette for everything and mostly everywhere. Some of my go-to pieces include pink pumps, pink purse, pink everything. That little black dress everyone is obsess with can be seen zero to never in my closet. It makes me look thinner, that’s one. But it being less than admirable in my eyes could send back lash from loads of people who consider it staple.

Preview PH asked us to wear our favorite color for tonight’s magazine launch. Hue Pick, as what they say. I was more than sure I’d wear something from my usual girly palette. And by that I mean something pink. But as I was trying on clothes on the day of the event, pink suddenly felt off. Like as if it doesn’t fit the becoming of a woman that I ought to be.

Figuring out what I want was a gradual process. It was seasoned to where I was and who I am at that particular moment of time. Realizing some things were not for me and accepting failure as another opportunity made me the woman I am today. I always seem to dream big. And as bigger my dream gets, the more ecstatic I become. It fuels the fire in me. And it hones the girl boss that I ought to be.

It was a huge assumption to believe that a color could depict maturity. It does, however, indeed decide the mood. Like how all fast food chains scream yellow for hunger. And all banks sport blue for security. Red for me looks bold, exciting and ambitious.

Being able to travel the world was one thing. Changing it and making a great impact is another.

And that’s how I envision my hue.

3 thoughts on “Paint the Town Red #TheNewPreview”

  1. Love the dress you went with (red is definitely more fierce than pink), but omg your heels are too high. I would literally trip and die in those haha!

    1. Hahahaha it’s a good 6 inches! And back in the days when I used to join pageants, we consider that our “walking everyday heels”. I once wore heels as high as 10!!!! ?

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