I feel like Korea has a special place in my wanderlust heart. Long before my first solo tour in Incheon, I already am indulged in any taste Korean. Samgyupsal, Bone Soup, Korean Barbeque, Jotujang and even Melona to name a few. I can eat Korean food for weeks and still crave for it afterwards.

Gyeongbok Palace was a famous tourist destinantion that is truly hard to miss. It is said to be the main royal palace of the Joseon Dynasty. Different tourist from different races today flock the scene wearing Hanbok, a traditional korean costume. This makes the entirenity of the experience truly breathtaking.

The hunt for the Hanbok rental was not that of a rigorous one. Few steps in front of the castle were shops bargaining for rentals from 2 hours to a day. We went in to a few and tried out different outfits but settled at the cheapest store. (Besides, being frugal is how I get by seeing the world). The outfit I wore just costs me 5,000 Korean won – which roughly is around 5 USD!

The weather was fairly cold, with spring fast approaching. There we were lucky enough to witness the Changing of Guards right infront of the castle. This is a tradition long before sought by every royal guards on duty. With its antique castle, hanbok costume, amazing mountain backdrops and traditional guards – this Palace definitely takes me back in time to old Korea!

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