Four seasons in a day. That concept seems absurd, not until I’ve been to Australia. The great down under definitely is known to have opposite summer and winter, but also is on top when it comes to weather unpredictability.

I was expecting Spring. Shorts shorts, tank tops and denim overalls were the only things I packed for the trip. There I suffered the harsh reality of easily believing my weather app. 23 degrees means it is 23 degrees at some point of the day, but for the most part; it could reach up until 9. Talk about worrisome OOTDS.

This did not stop me from exploring Melbourne though. The Great Ocean Road Tour is a must-do and boasts amazing scenery and breath taking views. We booked the Reverse Tour (which is more expensive than the regular day tour) but is perfect to avoid the trigger-happy touristy crowd. The whole tour lasted from 7am to 8pm, encompassing a total of a 500 km road trip. 3 hours drive at that from the graffiti filled downtown.

I was beyond awes-trucked with The 12 Apostles. It is a collection of limestones stacks which gradually suffers erosion. The proximity of the said limestones made it famous worldwide. And the beauty it forms made all tourists gasp in amazement. Unfortunately, 12 isnt as so anymore. To date, there are only 9 left. With one nearing its eventual downfall, and doing so with gracious feat.

The next on our itinerary was the Loch Ard Arch. It was a 15 minute drive from the 12 apostles, which is fairly open to public. By this time of the day, the temperature rose to bare tolerable. 18 degrees C to be exact. It was perfect to enjoy the beach and deep our toes on the waters. The rock formation and hidden cove definitely made the place worth the trip.

We further went to different locations by the Great Ocean Road. Stopping once in a while in some random rainforest to spot on sleeping Koalas. Stood by the Kennet River to gaze some wild Kangaroos. And personally fed birds as they flaunt their colourful feathers. We do so as we fight the cold pretending like as if we’re locals.

All in all, it was a fun-filled day of exploration and connecting with nature; all in its 4 different seasons.

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  1. I had no idea the weather fluctuates so much in Australia, oh my gosh! I hope you caught the warm bit of the day when you were shooting these photos! That’s such a chic yet practical look for a day of exploring!

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