I have always been a huge fan of themed parks. Experiencing the extremes is what I seek, and I do so all the time in thrilled-engulfed rides. It was my first time in Universal Studios, and with a reputation as grand as theirs, my expectations were above and beyond.

The whole park was surprisingly small. With long lines and crowded shops, I can’t help but feel agitated. Not because I was falling in line for more than hour like the rest, but because I get to see those lucky few who can afford an express pass. We paid 114 USD, and they paid 220. So yes, they do deserve that express service.

Amongst the different rides inside Universal Studios, it was the Harry Potter World that I enjoyed the most. I’ve read all 7 books in the said series during my childhood, thereby me being a self-proclaimed potterhead. Stepping inside Harry Potter World is a dream come true for me, all glorified with butter beers and wand fitting shops. Succumbing in the fact that every muggles visiting the Harry Potter World were either 1.) A fan and 2.) A wanna be fan. I can attest that it is by far, the best site for fans altogether. And I say this with utmost confidence since I’ve been to 9 and 3/4 King’s Cross Station in London, which was nothing but overrated.

The rest was mediocre. Claiming 4D rides, which I think amuses only that of the children. And could actually trigger vertigo for their accompanying adults. What is special about going to Universal Studios Hollywood is that we get to go on a studio tour. Which I think is the second best thing on this trip since it is exclusive in Hollywood. There were I think 6 buses altogether, touring us around location after location of every infamous Universal Studios Film ever made. My favourite one was the King Kong, which we experienced battling with inside the bus itself, in 4D of course.

So today was a pretty good day still. But I wasn’t entirely thrilled. Maybe it’s the park. Or maybe it’s my age – finally catching up on the giddy thrill seeker side of me. Oh well.

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