I have an unspoken love with my home country. The beaches, the islands, the people and the food. I find myself guilty for not exploring the Philippines as much as I should. And being home for about a month, I figured to give Siargao a go.

The humble abode of the locals makes me appreciate island life a little bit more. The low key party scene and the sexy surfer’s bod makes the place whimsical. Not to mention the unspoiled virgin little economy. With gasoline stored in empty cola bottles waiting to be bought. And scooter rentals as the primary means of transportation. Life was nice and simple. Away from the buzzing fast paced life there is back in the big city. Away from the rather polluted urbanised Manila.

Day 1 was dreadful. We rented a scooter to and from General Luna from our Airbnb which took us 2 hours one way. Sure driving a scooter around Siargao was fun and liberating, for the first 30 minutes that is. But driving 2 hours to General Luna was painful! Not to mention exhausting! And such a waste of time. It sure felt like as if this trip was taken last minute. Which it was. At first it was a bragging right to book a trip spontaneously. Like traveling was no big deal and we could do it whenever we want. But planning ahead shouldn’t be taken for granted. There we learned the hard lesson of researching thoroughly before traveling. This to save time, effort and money.

The rest of the days were spent with Island Hopping, Snorkling, Cliff Diving, Paddle Boarding and Partying! We took the liberty to do a vlog and showcase the beauty of this rising place. It wasn’t at all new to me. Neither was it that much breathtaking. But it is what is. The vlog was different angle, different perspective and different style from the way I used to. It turned out fine. Garnering almost 14,000 views on IGTV. Thank you very much!

To sum it all up, it wasn’t my favourite trip ever. But Siargao sure is something. It offers the right kind of vibe you need to escape reality for a while. And it sure would give you great tan lines to remember it by. Over all, I think I’d never go back. Ruing the nights of too much liquor with a foe friend. And multiple poorly planned Airbnbs. Siargao was raw. And if I’d be brutally honest, Palawan  is so much better anyway.

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