When I say I have a thing for rides and extremes, I mean it. Skydiving has always been on top of my list, dreaming of one day I get the chance to jump off a plane and experience free fall. The adrenaline junky inside me insist in doing so, regardless of all the little mishaps we encounter on the day of the jump.

If you ask me what comprises the existence of my 23 year old self, I could shyly shout of growth and adventure. This majorly comprises of risk and rolling. Taking into consideration that we have a flight back to MNL at 6 pm, we booked a tandem skydive at The Palms at 10 am the same day. Pretty good plan to give leeway for us in between – Hell yeah! But I guess not a solid one. The winds were strong and dangerous, 16 km/hr at the most – which forced everyone to delay all tandem skydive that day. In fact, we were even given the option to refund or reschedule – since the abrupt change of weather is according to them, unpredictable.

As the clock strikes noon, and then 1 and then 2 – my level of anxiety is beyond the roof. The winds are yet still too strong for a safe skydiving, causing chaos and delays. I guess this is how passengers feel like when they are stuck at the airport with weather delays – they just can’t blame anyone but Mother Nature. Come 3 pm when our luck came just in time, they called our name and told us we were good to jump. I could swear all the nerve in my body is aching to leave – fearing to miss our flight back to MNL. 3pm – that was a really close call to 6pm. One wrong move and we sure won’t make it in time. But then I realise this opportunity comes once in a lifetime. So I rid myself of all anxiety and focused on the task at hand. I AM REALLY SKYDIVING! As we took off and flew at 13,000 ft., I can’t help myself not to smile and feel giddy. The little girl in me is in full rejoice.

Everything from then went by so fast. All I remember was like as if I was falling and flying at the same time. Staring at the earth as I experience the force of gravity – I grin from ear to ear! Winds blowing my skin, and camera men forcing me to do all those crazy poses as if free falling isn’t crazy enough. It lasted for about 7 minutes. Slow, terrifyingly beautiful 7 minutes. I swear it was a view beyond imagination. And happiness beyond explanation. It was the best 7 minutes of my life.

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