I have been traveling full time for 3 years now, and yet I feel like I am a globetrotter at infancy. This concrete jungle was a bit intractable from my roster – and yet another first amongst many. Mainstream as it may, one is not much of a traveler if one haven’t been to the big apple. My expectations wasn’t that high, for I have been to better cities according to my friends such as London, Auckland and Hawaii. But I swear there is something about New York City that screams lime light!

It was during the winter season when I strut my way to New York. As much as I hate winter, zero degrees celsius still doesn’t stop me from experiencing this jungle to the fullest. Our first stop was the ever iconic Statue of Liberty. There I learned that it is a gift of France to the people of United States, a colossal neoclassical sculpture. It was breathtaking. A bit old and rusty, yes, but still breathtaking.

The rest of my agenda here aren’t very touristy. Like watching a broadway at St. James Theatre and eating an American burger at an outdoor Zarks. Not to mention braving the cold in ice skates at Rockefeller. I guess all my ice skating lessons when I was young finally paid of – me being able to do so on an open rink at the height of winter truly is a dream come true. And yet I feel like it is the kind of dream I won’t be able to fulfil, given a different kind of spectrum from what I do now for a living.

So much stories to tell, so little attention span. So here is a photo dump of all the places we went – Grand Central, The Metropolitan Museum and Empire State Building – outlining the settings of the classic Gossip Girl in my take of what seems to be a Blair Waldorf inspired outfits (which I secretly binge watch in High School when binge-watching wasn’t even a thing yet, thankyouverymuch).


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