And as the breeze of winter storming the rest of the world, here I am in this little city of Sydney enjoying the sand and the beach. Where snowfalls and zero degrees ain’t a problem at all, what bikini to wear sure is.

One fact that amazes me is how our archipelago is laid out. How we discovered that the world is round. And how it rotates and revolves around the sun. How night and day separates from the equator, and how timezones depicts from each revolution. I use this knowledge to my advantage, in fact. As an avid hater of winter, I stray away from the cold North and fly to the warm down under during these months. With that I could be able to experience summer all year long, even whilst traveling the world full time.

I could honestly say I am blessed with good friends from different stages of my life. Mary Jo, my best friend since we were 8, a now renowned chef in Australia. Mica, a newly grad dentist whom I befriended during college. And Kenneth, my colleague in flying and is currently my travel buddy. Lucky I was to be able to unite these friends from these stages of my life. Enjoying the Australian Summer even though Mr. Sun was kinda shy to show up that day.

We ended up swimming on a 22 degree weather, knowing Australia’s 4 season in a day. It was fun, never minding the cold. Bondi Icebergs Club is the infamous swimming club overlooking Bondi Beach – established in 1929 with a small museum on the first floor. And if I may, I have never seen one like it. The pseudo- infinity pool was a great sight to see. Which I never dared did a lapse – since I almost fail my ditching class when I was training to enter aviation 3 years ago. It was a phobia I’m trying my hardest to overcome; which I think I somewhat succeed. Nevertheless, Bondi is beautiful beyond imagination. The waves crashing the shore, with surfers braving the cold and locals bathing the waters. Oh boy sure I’m glad we went. And grateful I was to bring my friends with me as well.

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