The constant struggle of searching for the happiest place on earth resonates the fact that we are all hopeless romantics trapped inside our child-like state. Longing and hoping to find the mere existence of it, searching to and fro heartache after heartache. This explains why themed parks, Disney Land to name one, unbiasedly claims to be it. Using our favourite childhood cartoons as its leitmotif, tickling even the deepest of our unconscious self.

And why would I even bother argue with that? Disney Land is the perfect setting to surprise James on his birthday. Having his entire family as my confidant in secrecy, I managed to fly to Hong Kong without him suspecting. There I satiate an insatiable feeling of happiness and contentment. Being glued to his side, screaming and giggling at every extreme ride one after the other. It was a fun day. And having been my usual nostalgic self, I cannot help but gasp in amazement as I reminisce how unconventional our love story is. Flashback to Prom, 8 years ago, we were inseparable. Dancing at the centre stage of our high school’s cotillion. Deeming him worthy of being my first boyfriend. Oh how cute were we back then, thinking love was as simple as a mere infatuation. Back in the day when the veil of social media is lifted and the commodification of having a partner is put aside, there was us, young and in love. 2 young high schoolers listening to the tunes of “Terrified” by Katharine McPhee while dreaming of an uninterrupted love story. But fate had a different plan, we were forced to part ways for a petty reason and at in fact a very petty circumstance. It was a young love, I told myself, trying to shrug it off. But it was never easy. Being stuck for years in the whirlpool of what ifs and what could’ve been – longer than the actual wistful months of us being together.

Fast forward to now, 8 years after, when James and I finally found refuge back in each other’s arms. The hesitation was beaming at first minding of all the 1,40,00,605 possibilities of us failing, yet again. But we took our time to get to know each other – catching up on all those years we were apart. Slowly finding our way to that 1 single possibility of us working out. Talking to him after all those years gave me a sense of vague familiarity. He was familiar, and yet foreign. Like that of an old friend, but trapped in a new persona. Never in my wildest dreams do I be able to make sense of the beautiful antithetical fate James and I went through. But it was in that beautiful antithetical fate that led us to what we are and where we are right now. Stronger, wiser and certain.

I know that all these musings will instantaneously be buried from the collective consciousness of the world wide web almost as fast as I publish it, but let me just say this and let this be a representation of our story in perpetuity. That after 8 long years, I have finally found where the happiest place on earth is. It was neither Hong Kong nor Disney. For you see, it was never a place. No. But a person.

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