I have come to a point in life wherein I succumb to the harsh realities of the world. Not to be overridden by the prying eyes of the hunters, no. But succumb to the way life goes. Unfair and unjust, cruel and abusive. That all there is in life to revolve is power and greed. Never minding the fact that people are yet all opportunistic in nature, with all just different ways to manifest. From the robbers on the streets, to the politicians’ bills and bids. Many, if not all, are opportunist. That is how we survive. And surviving, we have been doing.

We landed during the wee hours of the morning at Istanbul, Turkey. With 2 wheeled trolleys at hand, and all just bravery up our sleeves. Me and my friend, as frequent of a traveler as we can be, manoeuvred our way on our own to our Airbnb. We hailed a cab from the airport, gave our address in Turkish, and trusted this cab driver of our lives at 3 am. We couldn’t have been more exhausted, with a delay flight and lost patience, if we weren’t on hand being mugged. The cab driver reluctantly swapped our bill from 500 to 50 lira, and successfully doing so with the meter being trice the usual fare. What’s worse was that he dropped us off in the middle of nowhere. At 3 freaking am. This heartless lad even had the decency to smile while he drove off and left 2 girls on the streets at a foreign country that speaks little to no English. I am bewildered. But more so terrified of our situation. I couldn’t grasp the idea of us being mugged and letting it happen first hand. Stupidity was an understatement. But so is recovery. The next thing I knew I was walking up towards these 2 men in military uniform begging for help. I already had doubts, and trust issues with Turkish people in general, but these military men was the last ray of hope I could afford. They then escorted us and helped us reach our destination. Safe, but not so sound.

The next day was less chaotic. Reticent to admit that I am hating this country as much as I thought I wouldn’t – my experience has been beaming with misconduct. We lined up in front of Hagia Sophia Museum, just shy minutes away from the famous Blue Mosque, and witnessed fixers first hand. Prying on the weak minds of restless tourist, offering instant pass with an additional 20 lira. I eek up in disgust. How unfortunate of a mislead it is to find out this beautiful country that lies in between Asia and Europe houses the worst opportunists I have encountered to date. That my dream destinations’ capital, is in fact, a wasteful wasteland. With people living everyday in this chaotic state, feeding off the money of stupid tourists such as, well, me.

I cannot believe it is possible to fall in love and at the same time loath one country. Of how dreamy Cappadocia was, but of how eerie Istanbul is. The great opposites is a vague representation of how humanity currently is. Two-faced. And I, being just one of the millions of people trying to survive in this chaotic two-faced world, is strong enough to make a stand. That being an opportunists pretending to be off-help isn’t the only skyrocket way to success. So as vote-buying. So as ass-kissing. And so as whatever it is you are doing while stepping on others.

Yes. I’ll just leave that here no matter how ambiguous all that may have sounded. But at least someone finally said it.

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