In the midst of chaos of surviving and thriving – do I try to find peace within peace. Happiness is indeed all but a state of mind, yep. But we as human as we are, tend to spend the rest of our lives in the mere pursuit of it.

I have been on travel hiatus for a few months now. Which of course, doesn’t include an occasional drink of Mai Tai on the shores of Waikiki, Hawaii (all thanks to the nature of my work). Hiatus in a sense that my mind isn’t thirsty for anything grand. The once enthusiastic tourist that I am, have grown accustomed to the lifestyle I was once in dire need to live. Monthly travels, weekly tours, daily shenanigans. And all there is in between showcased on social media to show off how much of a great adventure my whole life is.

I learned to pause. And invest more in my home country. Needless to say to invest more on the things that really matters. Family, loved ones and career growth. I have been hopping from one country to another for 3 straight years that I tend to forget how fast the world revolves. And as I sleep in between timezones, people back home, sleep in between growth.

Reticent to admit that I have been silently grilling an entrepreneurial venture of my own. Buried in the hopes of “letting success be your noise” kind of thing while continuously traveling the world. I was very eager to launch this 3rd quarter of the year. That’s what I learned from UP last year – think big, start small and act fast. And as lofty as all that may have sounded, I tried squeeze every ounce of my being to the mere idea of it, trying to serve it raw. I pitched and pitched for months – and get rejected. I know one must say that rejection is an acquisition to greater things but it sure doesn’t feel like it. I felt like a failure. Not for giving it all up, no. But for not beating the deadline. A deadline which only I imposed on myself.

Then it hit me. Tomorrow is the start of my 13 days off work. The usual me would’ve planned an out of the country (probably 16 hours plane ride away) vacation off coast the Himalayas. Or would burn the midnight oil and send pitch and emails to every decent mall I could think of – but I decided to just pause. Go back home to Pampanga, and curl up in the arms of my parentals (and James if we get the chance). The mere thought of it calms my anxious mind. Nurturing relationships, going back to ones roots, and just reset. That for 13 straight days, I would like to feel like a kid again. And not bother about bills, flights, careers, business, deadlines or whatever the hell I am supposed to do with the rest of my life.

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