Falling deeply in love with the city of love is magical. Rekindled by my lust and wonder for travel, rooted from the deepest nuances of my childhood dreams. Paris, a dream destination for all the hopeless romantics just like myself, finally is within reach. All thanks to my yearly force leaves and interline tickets. I can actually take my first loves with me.

It would have easily been my favourite destination to date, if there wasn’t any unruly Nigerians ruining the image of Paris. I arrived a day earlier than my parents, checked in at an Airbnb and managed to go to the main city alone via train. I felt skeptical. Like the feeling you get when you enter an unchartered territory wearing expensive jewelries beaming for it to be stolen. But this time the unchartered territory was as public as it could be, and the jewel was me. As I pay for my ticket and walk through the turnstile, a tall Nigerian guy entered alongside giving him free access to the train. I decided to let it go mainly because I was alone and scared. But also because the guards have given us a blind eye even though they see this scenario every single day. Welcome to Paris, I shrugged to myself.

But I did what I came here for. True enough to the promised lifestyle that comes with the nature of my job, I get access to as much guilty pleasures that I can. Being a bag lover that I am, Paris equates to luxury shopping. 31 Rue Cambon is a landmark as important to me as everything else. In fact, it was on the top of my list. Almost landing the number one spot just a shy score away from the Eiffel Tower. Went inside with a Black Caviar Mini in mind, (was unsurprisingly unavailable) got out with a Black Caviar Wallet on Chain and a Classic Medium Double Flap instead. You can never really replicate the feeling of getting a great souvenir of your first time in Paris without bringing a white box back home, can you?

More than the tours, the shopping and the gastronomically pleasing cuisine – Paris is a place of beauty. French, in all it’s glory, are a living art personified. Where everyday conversation involves small talks about their passions, dreams and whatnots. Embodied with well mannered and beautifully packaged physique. One could easily radiate beauty, with uniqueness at it’s every angle. It is awe inspiring. And a little bit intimidating. Because whenever they say art de vivre! I feel as if I am living the life that I love – every single day.

Paris remains much of an embodiment of just that. As I behold the sight of the Eiffel Tower, my heart melts as I watch my parents giggling while taking selfies at the foot of this iconic spot. Finding the right angle, and braving the crowd. Flashback to 2016 as I reason out to the panel of Philippine Airlines why I want to work for the aviation industry: To travel the world is one thing, but to show my Parents the world is another. And that, my friends, was the grand ticket to my wings.


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  1. To travel the world is one thing, but to show my Parents the world is another. – Gail, THIS. I’m happy to hear that you’ve managed to do so. <3

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