Amassed to my heightened sensitivity to rudeness is the nature of my job. Working in the service industry gave me a clear understanding of just that. How we treat people, is the reflection of how we get treated in return. And sometimes, being the bigger person can be much of a burden if profanity is already involved.

Berlin, the Capital of Germany and also a pit stop for our grand Eurail extravaganza, is a sight to behold. Coupled with the gloomy weather are various commemorations of the infamous dictatorship of the Nazis and the aftermath of the World War 2. Reichstag Building, the back drop I chose in the above photo, is pivotal for the start of that regime. There I learned that if it weren’t for the fire that had happened at Reichstag shortly after Adolf Hitler was sworn Chancellor in 1933, he wouldn’t turn as powerful. Because of that fire he passed an emergency decree, instituting a mass arrest of all communists thinking the fire was a communist plot. Leaving the government without any opposition. And enabling Hitler to consolidate power.

It was a history all Germans are said to be embarrassed about. Them trying to mask the darkness of the past (even though tourist flock to witness that kind of darkness) and luring tourism on a lighter note. Which for me, isn’t really effective. Their hotel prices are skyrocketing higher than anywhere else in Europe, and their customer service sucks. Even the locals on the streets exudes an intimidating aura. One German even hit me hard while cycling on the sidewalk and instead of saying sorry like a normal sane educated person would, he started shouting profanity at me. I fought back and shouted at him too. Even though we really can’t understand each other minding the fact that they speak little to no English, I could still grasp his rudeness. And that is something I would never tolerate.

I know all these musings might send backlash from the above mentioned race. But I only write what I have witnessed. And unlike the modern media who doesn’t practice the freedom of the press, I would. As much as the German’s have practiced self-righteousness against the oppressed.

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