My favourite part about taking the train to roam around Europe is the view. It was breathtaking. Especially en route to Switzerland. The view of the Alps as seen from the window of the inside of the train is to die for. I knew it would look pretty, but not as pretty as the picturesque icy mountains nature have already perfected it to be.

We decided to go to Mt. Pilatus located at the city of Lucerne, Switzerland. It was said to be the most popular (and easiest) mountain to reach if you want a perfect view of the alps. Since we are a Eurail pass holder, we get to enjoy a 50% discount of a day tour of the mountain. So instead of purchasing 7,000 php each for the ticket, we spent only half. Which to me is pretty expensive if not for the huge discount. We have an option to go by cogwheel or cable car. And as curious as we could be, we tried both! There I learned that Mt. Pilatus houses the steepest cogwheel cart ever in the world. It is an alpine Swiss train ride that has a gradient of 48% which basically is a train ride that is slanted going up the top of the mountain. While the cable car, that of which we took on our way down, was fairly long. The view on both rides was amazing. But I preferred the cogwheel better, only for the reason being of it holding a world record.

It was quite an experience. You know, for someone who is not much of a fan of spending hours of trekking to see the same breathtaking view up top. It feels like as if it was heaven on earth. With the Alps peaking through the mountains, and the clouds barely touching it. It was one of those moments wherein I get to appreciate nature and all there is it has to offer. The Alps were formed over 30 millions years ago. Following the gradual break of the supercontinent Pangea. The subduction of this basin and the collision of Africa with the Eurasian plate is what caused the formation of these mountains. Nature, evolution and the continuous revolution of the Earth each honed to the formation of what is said to be the most dramatic of the scenic of views in the world. It was breath taking. And I, for one, have already ticked it off my bucket list.

It made me realise how small I am and the impact I have to the world. Which isn’t a bad thing. It humbles me as I appreciate the beauty there is that was formed millions of years ago, long before my heritage even existed. And that’s what I love about traveling. It gives me another perception of who I am and who I ought to become. That our problems, no matter how hard they seem, is nothing we can’t resolve. How we face them and make out from them defines who and where we are. Stronger, greater and more admirable.

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