At this point in time, we have been accustomed to traveling via Eurail. Gone were the days of accidentally seating on a wrong coach incurring extra charges by unforgiving train conductor. Also paying a reservation fee on top of the ticket for reserving a seat on a Regional Train that of which we could easily hop on without. We have mastered the style of backpackers, hopping around one country to the next, carrying 3 suitcases instead.

Milan is only 3 hours away from Switzerland. The transition though was immense. From the breathtaking nature filled scenery that is Switzerland, to a more urbanised metropolis that is Milan. Not to mention sporting 8 degrees C to 31. Talk about a sudden shift in the equator for just a 3 hour distance. But I ain’t complaining. I get to wear the cute little dresses I specifically packed for this trip, and my rashes are starting to disappear. I am not sure if the meds from the Vienna Doctor helped or it’s just the weather being more suitable for a tropical girl like me. Still, I felt relieved that I was getting better. For my health in general, and the pictures.

More than the cliche tourist spots like Milano Cathedral, Grand Galleria and the Leonardo the Vinci Museum, what I was looking forward in visiting Italy was the food. We divulged ourselves in gastronomically enticing selections of Italian cuisine humbly showcasing their cultural difference from the rest of the world. The Pizzas are brick-oven cooked giving the bread a beautiful crispy texture that is mouth-wateringly delicious. The Lasagnas distinct taste is predominantly tomatoes. The Pasta is coupled with grated parmesan antagonising the saucy memory I have of it back home. The Risotto, may have been too rigorous to make and the most expensive, tastes too plain. The Limoncello being traditionally served as an after-dinner digestivo. And please, don’t even let me get started on the Gelato.

Pizzerias are seen like mushroom sprouts from every corner of the streets, offering what is said to be the best of Italian food. And they never fail, for the entirety of our stay here in Italy, I think I may have consumed so much Italian food that I could probably wake up Italian the next day.

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