Not too many people know about the roots of Ventic. Besides hailing from the nuances of Oslob, Cebu – our ancestors are said to be Spanish. With native tongues being able to speak Espanol, our bloodline are relatively close. I remember having to learn the basics of Spanish when I was younger. Which conventionally enables me to know the basic pleasantries of the language, no more no less. But seeing their country and experiencing pickpocketing first hand, I’m not really sure if I should be proud or not.

On our last day here in Barcelona, me and my parents were traversing our way through the trains – and with my phone in hand and my Chanel WOC sling bag on my side, I was heading the navigation. People were literally squeezing their way in. And since I was kinda preoccupied with the task at hand of leading the way – I let my guards down for a couple of seconds. I noticed a pretty and petite girl walking uncomfortably close to me, with a pink jacket wrapped around her arms. As I turned my attention to her, I figured her hands were already in my bag, scavenging her way through! I panicked! So I shouted “Hey, what are you doing?!”. She then was left mortified, probably a newbie in the pickpocketing game, and forced her way out the train. Good thing I was wearing a wallet on a chain. Which literally is a wallet that has a chain on it. This enables me to securely hide my cash, and inconspicuously place my cards. My dad then was ever ready to back me up, but my mom tamed the situation and told us to let it go. Because for one, we were in a foreign country. Two, no one got hurt. Three, nothing was stolen from us. And four, that pretty petite girl might have had a back up lurking around.

Amongst the different European country that we’ve been thus far, it is in Spain can you find flocks of filipino OFWs. And whenever, and I say when and ever, we pass by with a fellow filipino either on a train or on foot, they would always warn us about pickpocketing. Apparently, according to them, is rampant here in Spain. I shrugged it off, although doing a mental note in my head, I figured the probability of it happening to me is zero to none. Well, I guess I was wrong.

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