Autumn for me is the second most beautiful season. Next to Spring where flowers bloom right after the cold, Autumn brings forth a gasp of satisfaction. It commemorates an end of a cycle, where in leaves fall beautifully back to where it came from. Back to its roots, only to wait patiently and bloom again.

I met my Parents in Korea. They went there a week earlier together with their colleagues that of which became their closest. I know my Parents to be the fun people that they are, but they are even more so with their friends. And it’s heartwarming to see them be goofy once in a while. They were able to squeeze me in the bus they had been with for a week, and paid an all expense tour for the rest of the trip. It was my first time to join a group tour, from the everyday itineraries to hotel and down to the food. It was convenient, to be honest, far from the usual DIY travel that I used to do. The only downside of group tour for me is time constraint, with minimal time to really enjoy the scenery. Nevertheless, it was a fun trip. We went to the ever so famous Nami Island hoping to witness a cascade of autumn leaves. But to my dismay, we came a week too early. With only 20% of leaves falling back to the earth, and greens predominantly covers the island. It really is so hard to catch perfectly the season of both Autumn and Spring, for it only comes so briefly.

The next day we decided to go to Mt. Seorak, just a shy few hours drive from Nami Island. And since its land is elevated, seasons change a tad bit faster. As we enter the mountain via cable car, we were left astounded with a scenery of gold. And my disappointment of Nami Island was washed away by the beauty of this mountain. Mt. Seorak is famous for its enchanted landscapes, clear mountain streams and vibrant flora and fauna. It is said to be the 3rd highest mountain in Korea. And is the best place in the world to witness a fall foliage. It was really breathtaking. Finally giving justice to my orange outfit ensemble.

It is said that Autumn is a season of harvest. A season where the air starts to get cooler, and trees are to be set on fire. With fiery orange and a tinge of gold lines our everyday paths, making a vibrant display of a crisp harmony. And in my little poetic eyes, is a relish of an ending and a hope for a new beginning.

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