I have always been lured to places which holds a title. May it be the grandest, the fastest, or the most extreme. Just like the Great Wall of China which holds a record of being part of the 7 Wonders of the World, I instantly gravitate towards wanting to go there. I have only been to the Colosseo in Italy thus far, and The Great Wall of China is only the second 7 Wonder I have yet tick off.

As opposed to our common notion of China, them being unruly with poor hygiene and low basic human decency, Beijing is a sight to behold. With streets well maintained, and infrastructures well built. It is not very amusing to realise that they are indeed one of the strongest economy in the world. And The Great Wall of China, having been built during the 7th Century BC, is a long-term proof of that. It was a 2 hour drive from Beijing City to the Great Wall and we were istructed to bundle up as it is extremely cold at the top. Which, as much of a frequent traveller that we are, have already invested in so much thermals. Upon reaching the foot of the mountain, wherein the Great Wall is residing, I realised how much history this place has. It is said to be built in order to protect China against various nomadic groups. Apart from defense, they used the Great Wall as border controls, regulation or encouragement of trade and the control of immigration and emigration. But in my little touristy eyes, it is a grandeur sight of power. That dated from the age wherein technology and advancement hasn’t taken the world that much yet, China already is one step ahead.

Which I personally have a love-hate relationship with. Them being high and mighty which truly contributes to the economy, yet they flock to our country for the fortification of all things illegal. Which is that of a completely different story.


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