Accustomed to our usual New Year habit of writing long ass essay of the summary of how our last year has been, I succumb to that tradition. 2019 was calm. It was the calm after the storm. The calm that made a pause to my oh-so fast paced life. And the calm that made me realise how I would like to be able live for the rest of my life.

I flew to Osaka, Japan on New Year’s Eve to be with James and his family. It wasn’t my first time to go to Osaka, and yet I felt giddy because I love being able to experience different New Year’s eve tradition around the world. It may not be as eventful as it was when I did New Year’s Eve countdown in London last 2016, nor as serene as California last 2017. Not even as loud as I celebrated in the Philippines last 2018. But it sure is the most unique. Regardless of the absence of fireworks nor trumpets, Japanese have their own weird way of welcoming a brand new year. Dotonbori Dive is when people are to jump off the Osaka river in celebration of joy. And when is the best time to celebrate joy than New Year’s eve right? The river may have been nasty, and the weather may have reached 3 degrees – but this Dotonbori Dive they call a tradition sure is worth it. Especially as I was surrounded with  the people that I love as I woo in amazement.

Looking back to the year that has been, it was the most calm. Not that it was uneventful, but to me was a year long bliss. It made me pause and  appreciate the real treasures of life and the beauty it comes with. I learned to forgive. Forgive everyone that have wronged me regardless of the apology. And forgive myself for all the mishaps that I was trapped in. Life sure would test you. Test your limits and your strengths. Test your capacity to love the unlovable and forgive the unforgivable. But being able to truly forgive lifts your heart off of burden and makes living feel genuine.

Falling in love, and falling in love with the right man, sure is the core. The core that would make life worth living and dreams worth pursuing. As James and I spent our first year as an official couple, I realised how lucky I am to have finally found my other half. It was a whirlwind of emotions, and our relationship is far from perfect. But I am grateful to finally have someone I wanna spend the rest of my life with.

And 2019 was all about that. Thus making it my happiest.

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