My name is Gail Ventic.

I am a citizen of the world who adjusts her wrist watch almost every day to a different timezone. Doing so, traveling is an understatement for me. For I live in the sky, and walk amongst different cultures each and every day.

I am a Licensed Scientist in the Philippines and in the United States before I decided to pursue traveling the world full time. I loved microbiology, microscopy and clinical chemistry so much that I dreamt of becoming a Doctor ever since I was a child. But fate gave me a different path to take, a path I never thought I would actually walk on and enjoy. Right now, I am a full time traveler and a part time student entrepreneur. I am currently enrolled in University of the Philippines OU (Online) Major in Personal Entrepreneurial Development. Doing so, led me to be able to study and fly at the same time.

I have been a blogger since 2011. I bought this domain on 2012, and from then on – I switched to different kinds niche. From lifestyle, to fashion, to literary and now travel blogging. I have always been a fan of writing. I used to be the Associate Editor of our school newspaper back when I was in college; and I still maintain a therapeutic prose & poetry tumblr blog up until now.

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