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Hello, my name is Gail Ventic.
This blog is personal and therapeutic. A mix of travel and creative writing.
About the Writer
My name is Gail. I am in constant transit to different parts of the world soaking in the sun and appreciating diversity. I am a 20 something Filipina blogger who has been blogging for a decade now. Road trips, plane rides, jet lags, time zones and solo tours are my thing. Get to know Gail

Travel Blogs


What is it with Mosque and Churches do I find most enchanting? The Orthodox. A set of belief imposed during the old age; as far as when Mosque and Churches were established; conforming to the approved form of their own conventional doctrine and principles. As a Christian, I can’t help but be amused of howRead More


I have to agree on the fact that New Zealand offers the best scenic of greens. Landscapes expand beyond the reach of my sight, and so as the trees cut short on being historic nor just being an aesthetic. Everything breathes life, from the cows to the sheep. From the mountains to the seas. AndRead More


2017 showed me the real world. It’s not all tours and adventures. Not all get this and get that. Not all pretty and candid photographs. 2017 taught me that the world is tough, and so as the people that lived in it. Guards are held up higher, values are hereby stronger and I thereby cameRead More

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Events, Media and Press

Preview Ball 2017 #PreviewBestDressed

How Preview are you? The question asked to us by Preview – and so as the theme of this year’s Preview Ball. All the brightest stars from the fashion industry; designers, models, artists, influencers and fashion enthusiast alike came in the most unique way possible. Showcasing their own definition of being a Preview Girl/Preview ManRead More

Once a Binibini, Always a Binibini

I always try to keep my values intact, my mindset in good vibes and my determination at its peak. To be honest, being a Binibini has thought me so many things. Namely, I learned how to draw on my brows. I learned how to curl my hair. And I even learned how to fake myRead More

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