I always try to keep my values intact, my mindset in good vibes and my determination at its peak. To be honest, being a Binibini has thought me so many things. Namely, I learned how to draw on my brows. I learned how to curl my hair. And I even learned how to fake my abs. But beyond all the physical transformations that I had, I realized something deeper. Something that not everyone could easily decipher, nor not everyone could easily apply – and that is the value of genuine humility. I was able to humble myself while on the limelight. From the sea of cheerers to the roaring flames of bashers. You see, I also learned how to always look back and stay true to my roots. That despite of all the stilettos and contours, deep inside, I’m still that same simple girl. A simple girl who is always grateful. Always giving. Always kind.

Being a binibini has changed me in so many levels. I have experienced a roller coaster ride of emotions during the last few months of my life. You see, I have dreamt of joining Binibining Pilipinas ever since I was young, and now that I’m already here – I still feel a little bit giddy inside each and every time I wear a Binibini shirt or even when I hear the Binibini theme song. For being a Binibini already is a dream come true for me, although winning one of the crowns still is my goal. I know that everything has its own reason, and God’s timing always is perfect. So I don’t question Him. I don’t question His timing. I don’t even question His judgement. I just trust Him and let the universe take over. Because for me, if it’s meant to be – it will be.

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