The. Best. Sight. Ever. No words could describe how star-strucked I was when I saw Niagara Falls. The wind, the mist, and the entire view was breathtaking. The best I’ve seen so far. And probably one that is very hard to even top. A post card worthy photograph may it be taken with an expensive gear, or an old iPhone – the view would be incomparable!

Niagara Falls actually is a collective term for the 3 waterfalls bordering Canada and New York. The Canada side is bigger and better and is coined as The Horse Shoe Falls because of it’s horse shoe shape. The “Peace Bridge” connecting these 2 countries was a sign of their treaty and camaraderie between each other – so as to sharing this amazing natural beauty.

We rented a car from Avis Car Rental for 275 CAD which includes a full tank gas, insurances, GPS and a whole day Chrysler Mobile. It’s only now that I learned that we can actually use our Philippine Drivers License abroad – particularly in the US and Canada – for a whole month. How powerful! Lol. Anyway, it was a long drive from Toronto Airport to Niagara – but it was fun, liberating and very convenient.

The view was amazing from a far – but me and my friends opted for the ultimate experience and decided to try the ‘Maid of the Mist’ which costs us around 30 CAD each. We were given red cover ups in preparation of us getting soaked – wet and helpless. Lol. The view from the boat – up close with the Niagara Falls – was incomparable!! Yes, it was a bummer getting all wet and messy – but it was worth it.

Things I love about Toronto:

– Weather!!! I love the heat!!! Even though I’m 2 shades darker now from walking around Niagara.
– Shopping!!! Outlet shops are huge and very very cheap!!!
– The View. Need I say more?
– Divisiveness. You’ll see a lot of Asian, Americans, Africans, Canadians etc. around town. Toronto definitely is a mixed culture place – with respect with one another.

Anyway, will I come back? A definite YES! If to be given a chance. 😀

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