It has been a while since I went on a real vacation. And this time around, I was with my Parents. I never meant to be nostalgic but, being with them makes me feel like a little kid again. The fact that I can just relax and enjoy the moment because I know that Mom would take care of food, clothes and everything in between. Me riding at the back of the car without the fear of observing our route because I know that Dad would bring us safe and sound to our destination. It’s not even the material things nor the responsibility that I rue as a young adult – well, it’s actually living far away from home; and having no choice but to be a responsible young adult.

We drove to North without actually having a solid plan. All we know is that each of us wanted to unwind and catch up. We celebrated a lot of things actually; my Birthday, my Mom and my Dad’s birthday, Father’s Day and Mother’s Day. We haven’t been together during those special occasions due to work and busy schedules. We exchanged gifts and hugs while greeting each other. Ahh! It was a very touching sight.

We rented a boat for only 1,300 php which is around 26 usd. We then Island Hopped to different Islands in Alaminos, Pangasinan. It was an amazing sight! It is only then that I realized how much I love the Philippines more than anywhere else in the world! The tropical weather, the amazing beaches, the serene nature and of course – the hospitable culture! Nothing beats hometown, for me, I guess. 🙂

Hundred Islands is famous for it’s numerous islands. We went to Bat Island which is basically a domicile for bats. Crocodile Island which the Island is naturally shaped as a crocodile. Turtle Island which is – well shaped like a turtle. Governor’s Island where in you can climb up a hill and see the entire view of Hundred Islands. Marcos Island where in me and my Dad cliff dive into Imelda Cave (I see what you did there President Marcos lol). And so much more, I barely could even remember each!

As we were headed to the next Island, I was curious enough to ask the Boat Driver how many Islands there is in Hundred Islands. I was surprised to learn that it’s not even 100! He said that there is exactly 123 known and named Island in Alaminos. I asked, “Then, why not name it 123 Islands instead?” He shrugged and said “I guess it sounds better if we call it Hundred Islands.”

Lol. That was an obvious and pretty simple logic. But the fraud history thought me since I was a child deserves justice! So I researched and found out that there is exactly 124 Islands in Alaminos. But during high tides – one Island would sink – thus making it 123. There’s no reason in the internet as to why it was named as such. So I guess I would have to believe Kuya Boat Driver for now.

2 thoughts on “Hundred Islands ain’t 100 after all”

  1. Whoa, I did not know that it was more than a hundred! Haha But I know that it’s always less than an island during high tide. Hehe
    I also like to travel with my family, kahit ako yung lagi gumagastos, haha iba kasi sa feeling when you see them happy and exploring places dba hehe

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