I just recently got my US Visa few months ago. The process was not that rigorous. Nor was it easy. I was granted both the C1D (Crew Visa) and the B2 (Tourist Visa) valid for 5 and 10 years respectively. The interviewer just asked me pretty simple questions.

  1. When do you wanna visit the United States?
  2. Why do you wanna visit the United States?
  3. What destinations do you know of in the United States?

That basically is it. So here I am at Los Angeles, California “visiting” the United States. Here’s a quick rundown of the most common, if not overrated, tourist spots here in L.A. (As per my friends) 😉

Santa Monica Pier

What better way to start the day but to go to the beach! Santa Monica Pier is a famous landmark here in LA. It is overlooking the Pacific Ocean with tourists and locals bathing at the beach. 🙂 We had American breakfast while we were there. The typical bacon, sausage and egg makes feel like I really am in America. Lol!

Over breakfast, I was able to catch up with my good old friends from College. It’s my very first time in the states, and I must say today was a fullfilment of my American dream. My friends back in college fulfilled that dream a year ago when they migrated here. They told me about their working environment, salaries, lifestyle and everything in between. There I learned that the highest paying country for CLS (Clinical Laboratory Scientists) or more locally known as Medtech is in California. I seriously am contemplating to practice CLS here, since I already am Licensed both in the Philippines and in the States; I could and maybe I would. Really. But I guess I’m still in love with flying for now.

Beverly Hills

We drove all the way to Beverly Hills to have pictures and oh, Starbucks. The place reminds me of Totally Spice Cartoons – which enchants me that I’m actually shopping and walking at Beverly Hills now! They say that it’s really cheap to shop in California – but not here in Beverly Hills. Branded shops and luxury items are literally everywhere! Shopping was very tempting at that time. But I learned it the hard way when I was in London few months ago that you can never, EVER, do tours + shopping at the same time. Not only will it exhaust your bank account, but it will also exhaust YOU and your ENERGY!

Hollywood Walk of Fame

Touristy as I may, but the Hollywood Walk of Fame is indeed on our itinerary today. It’s a must! Hollywood is like the number one tourist spot in LA! It was expectantly crowded, with street performers everywhere; grabbing you with their masked faces asking you to take a photo with them – and asking for a tip in return. Superman even went up to me and told me I’m pretty while hugging me; good thing he did not ask for 5 bucks after that. Lol!

It was a dream come true to walk on those stars, and my inner Goddess is rejoicing while doing so. California has a different culture as compared to us Filipinos. It’s okay to randomly say Hi to people. It’s okay to make small talks. It’s okay to cat call randomly on the streets. People dress confidently here. Some wear only tank tops, or bras in public; which is totally okay. But is far from the Culture that I’m used to.

Griffith Observatory

Last on our list before having dinner would be the Griffith Observatory. My friends were already able to come here countess of times but I appreaciate them for still taking me. The traffic was bad, and parking near Griffith was impossible! So we opted to park on the other side of Hollywood Hill, and walked our way to Griffith Observatory. It was a long walk! And I bet everyone of us is a shade darker now. Lol.

There I learned so much about the stars, planets and constalation. The museum was very informative. I was surprisingly just 2 lbs. in Pluto, and 250 lbs. in Jupiter – because according to El (My Clinical Scientist friend who toppped the Board Exam in the Philippines); Weight is equals to Mass multiplied by Gravity. (W=MxG) She explained that to me matter of faclty while we were studying the Planets. Yes, just like old times – she can answer anything at anytime. LOL!

To my friends who toured me today: Lhei, Jeon, El and Shamei – thank you for your generous heart! Thank you for touring me with joys in your eyes and loads of stories from your mouth. I surely enjoyed my first time in L.A! Till next time! 🙂

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  1. Can I just say that I love your outfit here, Gail! And you should definitely take advantage of your license once you start getting tired of flying (if it ever happens) 🙂

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