If there are factors I consider for a place to be favorable, that is if it’s tropical; If the people are friendly and hospitable; And if the culture is rich. The beach, on the other hand, is just an icing to a cake.

This is my first time travelling to Hawaii. And I never knew I’d fall in love in this little island as much as I thought I would. Being a fan of warm breeze and the smell of ocean myself – Hawaii is a perfect mix of beach and urban living.

Waikiki beach was about a 10 minute walk from our hotel, passing by luxury bars and shops while at it. There I learned how to surf for the very first time, renting a surf board for 10 bucks. I knew surfing while wearing practically just a bikini was a bad idea. Subtle bruises is what I got from every failed attempt of me standing up on each wave. And subtle dignity was ripped off from me adjusting my bikini each and every time I fall.

Regae music was best in conjunction with drinking Mai Tai (with a pineapple garnish necessary) by the beach. Me and my crew celebrated Valentines day on this magical corner of North America – appreciating the richness of Hawaian culture while dipping our toes in the ocean.

We opted to attend one of the best indoor Luau, a Hawaiian party or a feast, in the island for the reason being that we wanted to experience their culture first hand. More than the buffet and the amazing show, I enjoyed learning how to hula dance in front of all the tourist more. When asked who wanted to dance, me and my crew presented with a heart beat. What better way to experience Hawaiian culture than to dance your way to it, right?

A 2 day stay on this island made me wanting more. The polynesian descent very much distinct everywhere I go. And the friendly way locals greet me Alohas (Hello) and Mahalos (Thank you) – making me feel like I live there even though I practically am not.

So if I am to choose a place that is considered to be my favorite, I’d choose Hawaii. Next to London, that is.

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