I have been wanting to visit Singapore for months now. With 2 cancelled flights and missed opportunity, traveling there at the peak of heat wasn’t planned. Nor ideal. It was the 32 degrees C heat that limits us from exploring this urban jungle a little bit more than the usual tourist destination. But it is the August heat in Singapore that it rains downpour back home. I’d take heat more than the rain any day. No doubt about that.

Much lived to my expectation, this Metropolis is a tiny gem of Asia. Worth noting that Singaporean Passport is the world’s most powerful, I can easily see and understand why. The infrastructure was amazing. And grandeur is an understatement. I could honestly boast this country being the most beautiful.

If living crazy rich is the norm here, then I’d live up to that kind of crazy. We checked in at the ever famous Marina Bay Sands. I’ve heard amazing reviews about this hotel, and I had crazy high expectations. Besides the fact that it cost us more than 500 USD per night, its reputation was far and beyond. It sure doesn’t disappoint, but the room was usual. The bed was usual. The toilet was usual. The only thing fancy inside this hotel was the automatic open and close of curtains overlooking the beautiful city view.

And don’t even get me started with the infinity pool. It was an exclusive rooftop for the Hotel’s guests, with tourist happily strutting their bodies to take selfies. After all, it’s MBS. The view was spectacular at 57th floor. And we were lucky enough to stay there during the Singaporean Day! The fireworks was spectacular. Even the turbo jet shows and the after party at the SkyPark.

MBS wasn’t the only reason I fell in love with this metropolis. The usual touristy itinerary could be done within a day. This includes but are not limited to: Gardens by the Bay, Hanging Garden, Botanical Garden, Sentosa and Merlion Park. No wonder this place is called a Garden City. And this Garden City sure is extraordinary.

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