Believe me when I say that reaching a summit, may it be grand or not, is one of my bucket list. As adventurous as I may, hiking and/or trekking isn’t my thing. The thought, however, excites me. After all, Rangitoto is a famous tourist attraction in New Zealand.

It took us a 9 hour flight from Manila to Auckland and a 45 mins ferry ride from Auckland to Rangitoto. This dormant volcanic island sure is special. An hour shy of trekking to reach the summit, the path sure is convenient. Minus the fact that it rained on our way to the top. Still it won’t stop us from doing what we wanted to do in the first place.

I have to admit that it was liberating. Not that it was hard, but it was a new experience for me all together. The ground was filled with lava path and enriching vegetation. Even the eerie feels of down other’s summer. Making it all too beautiful in my eyes. The summit, is amazing, yes. But the crater is completely that of different story. Just a 700 meter walk from the summit is a lavish look out of the Crater. Years of being dormant enables it to manifest an abundance of greens. Making a beautiful forest out of a concave canvass.

200 meter walk from the summit are the Lava Caves. A twisting tunnel hollowed out from flowing lava years back. It is a little detour to an amazing natural phenomenon. Being a claimed claustrophobic, I cannot help but gasp in fear and excitement as we enter pitch black caves under  4 ft. tall. Literally squeezing our way in.

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