Wishes. Incognito and elusive. One must murmur wishes under his breath in order to maintain the sacredness of its secrecy. If I was standing on the same ground of Pingxi Old Street, Taiwan 15 years ago – I would be doing my child like mind an injustice. Writing wishes on a lantern, setting it up to fly and having every prying eyes to read just doesn’t seem right. Aren’t wishes supposedly kept secret? Aren’t they cursed and forbidden to be shared immensely to public? Aren’t they our deepest desires, meant to be hidden inside our deepest of minds? Taiwanese all will then be doomed of unkept wishes for taking part in this Lantern Festival they call a tradition. An unintended repercussion of their culture and beliefs.

Fast forward to now, me being 23, unbiased and aware of how silly all that sounded. It is silly because it’s unreasonable. And me being beyond just my age do I finally understand the Law of Attraction. What you think, you become. What you hope for, is what is meant for. What you declare, everyone is made aware. Gone were the days wherein you murmur your wishes every time you blow your birthday cakes and toss in coins on a wishing well. Gone were the days you shyly hoped and prayed for a miracle. And gone were the sociological interpretation of what would’ve been if done this or done that. What I wrote on the four corner of the lantern was just this: Health, Success, Love and Genuine Happiness.

It is amazing how not one from the above-mentioned Wishlist involved any material thing, nor anything that of pleasure. The juxtaposition of them is this, they do not resonate true happiness. In the 21st century where social media is the norm and validation come from the number of likes – one can easily get lost in the whirlpool of pretentious lifestyles. I, for one, can attest to that. Because why am I still blogging? If print is dead and blogging is extinct – why am I still rambling musings on this little corner of the world-wide web I call my blog? “Instagrammers” and/or “Youtubers” are the new bloggers and “Influencers” are the new celebrities. Writing is obsolete. Print is dead. And blogging is extinct. But then I continue to do so. Because I realised that the only validation I need is from myself. To argue if one is valid is an understatement. And the meaning of living a life well lived is not only being the shiniest of them all.

Casting upon wishes, unselfish and unmetered at that, is rare. Genuine happiness comes from living a life of contentment. It may or may not sound absurd to some, but it is true. I am at the point of my life wherein I feel contented. That fact suddenly holds value in everything. Family is loving. Career is booming. Travel is expanding. Friends are lasting. Love is promising. And if there is one wish I would like to cast upon the world as I fly this lantern up the sky, it’s this: May everyone experience, at one point or another, the kind of life I am living and the kind of contentment I am consuming. Because today, I feel like I’m at my happiest. And that I think is my purest state.



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