Life has been good lately. It has been more or less 4 months since I rested my wings. The global pandemic paved the way to not only bridges burning, but also to new beginnings. Serene, like that of going back to the peaceful life in the province where goods are bartered and love is not based on societal norms. Serene and simple. Maybe. But genuine.

I have been bombarded by cascades of queries from suspecting people regarding how I handled my heart. And it is in how I handled it with a mere swoop of magical wand do I get backlash here and there. I value faithfulness. And it is in that note where I realised my worth. The life I thought I was trapped in, was actually a race of betrayal and misfortune. Coupled with insecurity masked behind infidelity. Rising up was hard. But building a life right after wasn’t. I drew strength from the faith I believe in, and the people who believes in me. Regardless of time or distance, I felt at peace with the help of my family and friends who noticed my plea. Plea of depression, plea of indecision. For in those lone nights, I felt less and less alone.

And then TJ came along. Like a knight that swept me off my feet. And a rock that saved me. Giving me strength to face life with a grin on my lips, and a spark in my eyes. He made me realize I am worthy of a love that feed souls and fuel dreams. Worthy of a man that focuses on one woman and makes her his epicentre. And worthy of a life pure of unconditional love. TJ is all that and maybe even more. Our story may have been unconventional, having known each other since High School, we were unlikely to be a couple. He is that dorky and funny guy everyone loves and I am that serious over achiever girl that is mistakenly given menace. But beyond all that, societal norms and what nots, TJ is the kind of guy I’d like to spend the rest of my life with. He made me realise that life is nothing like a race nor a sprint. Yet it is on its own the end goal. Everyday I wake up feeling happy and contented. Like finally finding the pot of gold at the end of every rainbow. Enjoying simple joys of life with TJ by my side. While helping each other achieve each of our individual dreams rolled into one.

This pandemic might have been a blessing in disguise for me. What was once known as a major setback had led me to becoming the woman I ought to be. A probinsyana, yet with a global perspective. In the last 5 years of me being a globetrotter, roaming in every corners of the earth, I realised where my heart truly belongs. It is in neither the metropolis where the fittest only survives, nor the foreign where my identity doesn’t matter. But it is back home. Where my family lives and my childhood was nurtured. It is back home where the trees are planted and my flowers started blooming. It is back home where my beliefs were planted, and my values were cultivated. For you see, it is back home where I would actually want to settle. And once again finally call my home.

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