Being poetic is a common nature instilled in me ever since. It could have been the books I read or the plays I watch; or probably the unconventional places I used to go. I see the world differently. I see its’ colours bloom from far flung places and hidden gems. And I write about them in this blog.

I find myself different. Special? Not even. Just different. Different in a sense that my likings are not the norm and my hobbies are like that of an old soul. I prefer books over movies. Theatre plays over concerts. Tea over coffee. Cheese platter over cakes. And wine over beers. The boring girl in me is counteracted by my lust for travel and adventure. And that’s why I decided to fly the world full time. Having a global audience encourages me to experience life in a global perspective. From tasting every kind of delicacy there is known to man kind, to fastening my buckle in every ride I could take. Skydiving at 13,000 ft., diving with the whale sharks, visiting the Queen at The Windsor Castle, hiking a mountain and trekking through Lava Caves, or even skiing on the mountains at -8 degrees C. Name it, I may have already done it.

My way of writing evolved in the past decade of me being a blogger. And my blogging niche shifted from lifestyle, literary to travel. Now proclaiming myself as a travel blogger, even though print is dead and blogging is extinct, I shall continue write. Merely to document all my travels and adventures on this blog in a creative musing. You, on the other hand, are most welcome to visit and read – if you must.

Oh, and by the way, you can call me Gail.

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